THE WAY OF THE SEAL Developing the discipline to train hard every day means you become a disciple – not to the training itself, not just to looking good or stroking your ego, but to the higher purpose of developing yourself fully as a human being and as a leader. Training the mind to reject discomfort and embrace the suck. @122hoursoffear


“Sara Jane is wearing lafilledo.com Whities for @monamoore. You might not be aware of this but they are everywhere secretly supporting the women you are having meetings with or casually bumping into at a festival. Beware of these women wearing O. They know their bodies and their worth and we all know what someone can do when in control of the energy they hold inside.”  @walkofshameshop @lafilledo_therightthing/ 


@hotdudesreading “I’m seriously digging this Bushwick bad boy’s style. Extra points for the bed-head hair that still manages to look flawless and that perfectly worn-in t-shirt that’s begging to be mine. You can bet I’ll be slipping out early tomorrow morning rocking that tee while he’s left wondering how he ended up shirtless and obsessed with a stranger.”   @walkofshames


“Few things can be antithetical to sex as thought. Sex is the product of the body. It is unreflective, Dionysiac, and immediate, a release from rational bondage, an ecstatic resolution of physical desire. Next to it, thought appears nothing short of a sickness, a pathological urge to impose order…” On Love Alain de Botton @walkofshames